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The Molteni Law Firm is known for extraordinary representation and client-focused counsel. We handle several types of employment law cases, including complex cases involving breach of contract, compensation, discrimination, whistleblowers, and more. We are proud to be the team our clients can rely on when it's time to recover.
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We provide the quality of service that we would expect if we were in our clients’ shoes. That means providing advocacy and counsel is that strategic and skilled, as well as compassionate and individualized. It also means we will work relentlessly to help our clients achieve their objectives.


We go the extra mile to stay connected with our clients & give them the answers they need throughout their case. We provide each client with our attorney's contact information so they can get the counsel they need as their claim proceeds, and we also respond as soon as possible to inquiries from potential and existing clients.
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We are always upfront, clear, and honest with our clients. We keep our clients informed about the status and progress of their case, so they are never left in the dark. We also explain what to expect moving forward and what the options are at every juncture. That's why we are the partners that victims can truly trust when it's time to pick up the pieces.
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A Skilled Firm That Always Fights to Win

The Molteni Law Firm has a record of success and a hard-earned reputation for securing favorable resolutions in even the most complex litigation. That can give you confidence that we will fiercely protect your rights and fight relentlessly to help you secure the justice and compensation you deserve.


Inside and outside the courtroom, we are effective at standing up to even the most challenging parties. We have successfully stood up to some of the biggest corporations and companies in the U.S. in complex, contentious litigation.


No sum of money can change the past. Compensation from an employment case can provide the financial resources necessary to pick up the pieces afterward. While that can help victims heal and gain some closure, it can also provide them with a meaningful sense of justice.


Our Recent Victories Show You What We Can Do for You


Jury awarded client/plaintiff $878k after finding employer acted discriminatory


Jury awarded client/plaintiff 2-years salary after finding former manager committed harassment


Jury awarded client/plaintiff $252k damages & back-pay after finding former employer under-payed


There's nothing like the word-of-mouth from our own clients
  • I hired her for a work related lawsuit and her excellent work and determination she was able to us more money that we expected. I highly recommend hiring her.

    Extraordinary job

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    Diniz Andres
  • Contratamos a Maria Cristina e ela foi super atenciosa ao nosso caso, detalhista, nos ajudou bastante e resolveu o nosso caso.


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  • Cristina Molteni was very personable and a pleasure to work with. She made me feel comfortable and at ease with her mannerisms, her expertise, and her attention to my case. She was very responsive and provided a thorough, professional, and honest assessment of the matter I was going through. I would strongly recommend her to even my closest friends and family.

    Highly Recommended!

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